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IRELAND after BDS|Complete Treatment – 2022 


The video describes the complete treatment to practice in Ireland after BDS in India. Sign up for The Channel List Of 19 Alternatives After BDS Abroad Options After BDS – MSC, Fellowship, and Diploma After BDS – MDS Playlist (consists of MDS Yes or No, Picking MDS College, MDS on Loan)– Searching Center To Work– Picking Center To Work–

32 thoughts on “IRELAND after BDS|Complete Treatment – 2022 

  1. Can we appear for these exams from India?? Will this license to practice in Ireland provide us a PR?? OR can we use this as a migration pathway??

    1. You can not give these exams in India. After clearing you have to find a job you’ll get work visa. After working there for a few years you can get a PR..

    2. @kaizen dental ,thank you sir. Will they allow visa to go and appear for the exam there ?

  2. Hello Sir,
    Thank you for guiding through..
    What are other non-clinical options for BDS graduate from India who are planning to move to Ireland?

  3. sir how to register for the exam ?and whats the cost of exam? thanks in advance.

    1. Check this website 👉🏻

  4. Is there any country in which we can practice dentistry without giving any exam

  5. Hi sir should we go directly there for giving practical exam or is there any centres in india

    1. Dentists earn based on work.. height in Ireland will be more than lowest in USA and highest in USA will be more than lowest in Ireland.

  6. Sir is it same for BDS from UAE which is of total 6 years including 1 year internship

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