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Rafael took a trip from Ireland to get a Hollywood Smile in Turkey after a mishap!


Rafael Freitas pertained to Turkey to get an ideal Hollywood Smile at Dentakay. Rafael had a mishap in Ireland, which resulted in numerous issues with his teeth. You can see his Hollywood Smile evaluation to be sure that Dentakay is among the very best on the planet! If you have any teeth issues, do not be reluctant to repair these problems in the specialist hands of Dentakay dental experts. Improving your teeth at Dentakay indicates guaranteeing that you get glossy and strong teeth permanently, due to the excellent experience of the expert dental experts and the high quality of the products utilized. When the look of the teeth ends up being appealing, an individual can smile with unrivaled joy and self-confidence. 0:00 Intro & oral issue 0:13 Why turkey 0:45 Finding Dentakay 1:26 Exposuring to Dentakay 2:15 Pertaining to Turkey 3:16 Method to the center 3:48 Beginning treatment 5:36 Treatment procedure 5:54 Client’s response 6:13 Client’s fulfillment 6:32 Oral issue 7:03 Client’s fulfillment 7:27 General experience 8:01 Recommendations and thanks to Dentakay #hollywoodsmile #dental _ implant #smile

23 thoughts on “Rafael took a trip from Ireland to get a Hollywood Smile in Turkey after a mishap!

  1. it seems that his teeth were not made but if you look closely at the video he has been given a fixed prosthesis [4 on 1]

  2. You look great. And you give me hope, as I need a full set of implants, and being from the uk will never afford to have it done locally. hopefully I can afford to have it done here.

    1. Hello Dentakay organizes your entire trip, including air tickets, accommodation, transfer, with a free consultation. You can send your phone number with the country code to get more information, our experts will contact you as soon as possible. We wish you healthy days.

    1. Hola, debido a que la estructura dental de cada uno de nuestros pacientes es diferente, los precios de los tratamientos pueden variar. Si comparte su número de contacto, nuestros expertos lo llamarán lo antes posible y le proporcionarán información detallada precisa y gratuita. Le deseamos días saludables.

  3. Not sure what happened here? Did he have implants? If so why didn’t we see his teeth being extracted and the implants being installed? Also what was the cost? Ireland was £20.000. What was the cost in Turkey? Only half the story.

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